S1 E03: Time for a New Website?

Is it time for a new website?“Website Blues” works for a nonprofit with a 2-3 year-old website that’s crashing a lot, and wonders how to tell when it’s time to cut losses and get a new one.

Sometimes the answer is clear, but very often it’s grey! In this episode we explore whether it’s worth trying to keep the current website a while longer, or start investing in a new one.

We look at the situation through the lens of swadhyaya — a principle of yoga which teaches us to take time for self-study, and to observe without judgment — plus a reminder to look at the organization’s mission and compare it with the website’s intended function.

Some problems might be relatively easy to solve! You might find a sustainable solution with the current provider by simply bringing your concerns to their attention. You might switch to a new website vendor or developer. You might make minor or even moderate changes to the content of the existing site and address any shortcomings that way.

We’ll also talk through costs — both up-front and ongoing, in dollars and in staff time — that you’ll need to consider as you think about when and what to change.

And here’s the decision-tree that I drew:

Is it time for a new website?

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