S1 E04: After the Awesome Conference: How to Take the Lessons and Energy Home With You

The only problem with an awesome conference is that it ends! In this episode we explore ways that you can keep the most important lessons and relationships in mind, take them home with you and weave them into your life.

Dear Margaux,

When I have the privilege of attending a conference or gathering of nonprofit folks, I am so energized and inspired! Also kind of overwhelmed.

The presentations are full of great ideas. There are a ton of stories I can learn from. The people are interesting and so smart!

I wish it could go on forever. I wish I could bring the lessons and the energy back to my organization. But I’m afraid once I get back home, it’ll dissipate.

Do you have any tips for what to do after an awesome event like this, to keep some of it alive and really incorporate it into my work?

Thanks in advance!

I engaged a few friends in a discussion, and in this episode I summarize some of the ideas we had:

  • As you’re at the conference, listen and interpret ideas in the context of your job/organization. Personalizing it right away will help you hold on to the idea after you return home.
  • Set aside time once a month (or more often) to reflect on something from the event. Treat it like a project, where you identify the starting point, the ending goal, and the steps you’d need to take to reach the goal. Then do it.
  • Commit to presenting a session at the same conference next year, following up on the idea you want to pursue. This way you make the change yourself and also give back to the community to let others learn from your experience.
  • Find an accountability buddy to accompany you through a change you want to make.
  • Read your notes (or the collaborative notes, in the case of NTC), or review the presenters’ slides, or review the activity on the sessions’ Twitter hashtags.
  • Write your own blog post or journal entry summarizing your own personal takeaways.
  • Stay in touch with the people you’ve met!!

To John Kenyon, Mandy Burrell Booth, Michael Stein, and Dahna Goldstein — thanks so much for sharing your wonderful ideas! 🙂

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  1. Megan Keane
    Megan Keane says:

    Thanks for addressing this all too common issue, both with NTC and other conferences! I got to hear Alex’s great presentation about takeaways so that really helped me keep things fresh. I love the idea of coming up with speaking idea based on idea you are going to put into action – I’m giving that one a try!


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