S1 E12: How to Focus Your Nonprofit’s Communications Efforts to Maximize Results

This week we hear from a listener who is already maxed out in managing all the communications for a nonprofit, but looking for ways to “work smarter,” essentially – to better understand what’s working, and do more of it, to help the organization increase its online presence, and recruit more volunteers and donors.

Special guest Rebecca Reyes helps me respond! Rebecca founded Spring Media Strategies to help nonprofits navigate the digital marketing world and surpass their goals. With a background in both marketing/communications and engineering, and quite a few years’ experience as the only communications staffer on the ground at a small nonprofit, she has learned how to focus efforts in order to maximize the results. She loves using technology and tools to connect people, build relationships, and make everyone’s life easier.

Some highlights from our conversation about focusing your nonprofit’s communications efforts to maximize results:

  • Be clear about who you want to be talking with;
  • Set specific goals about what you want them to do;
  • Look at what you’re doing that is working well, and do more of that;
  • Look at what’s not working well, and do less of it; or try changing it to make it more like what is working well;
  • Your top 10 and bottom 10 pages (and emails, and social media posts) can be your secret weapons!

Rebecca also shares other analytics tricks to learn more about your audience, and tips for easily segmenting your email list.


Rebecca’s amazing post about segmenting your email list:

Rebecca’s list of tools for monitoring different social media platforms:

Free consultation and details about NTEN membership giveaway:

More about Nonprofit Technology Network:

Best ways to reach Rebecca:
Email: rebecca@springmediastrategies.com
Twitter: @mnrebs

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