S1 E15: Neck & Shoulder Love to Counter Computer-asana

“Tense!” writes:

I was wondering if you could recommend some specific neck and shoulder stretches that would be good to do during short breaks at work. I’m sure my fellow nonprofit communicators (and those in other roles, too!) can identify — doing computer-asana, or working at a computer all day, can really take its toll on the neck and shoulders!

In this episode we explore some of the neck- and shoulder-related challenges of computer-based work, and talk through some stretches that can feel great and help counter the effects.

Most importantly: Take lots of little breaks, and move around often. Also, any time you can move your neck and shoulders in a way that’s opposite of what you’re doing at a computer (chest open, arms back, etc.) — do!

Notes and Links

Specific stretches/exercises we did in this episode:

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