S1 E16: When There’s No Emergency, Consult Your Nonprofit’s Editorial Calendar

Many of us nonprofit communicators are great at managing a lot of things under pressure and with many deadlines. But what happens when things are just “normal” and nothing is on fire? Margaux talks about:

  • getting ahead on anything you know you will need to write
  • what editorial calendars are
  • how they can help nonprofits
  • choosing a location and format that will work for your whole team
  • some larger-picture things to consider when creating one or updating the one your nonprofit already has

This episode is more of a pep-talk than a how-to. If you’re ready to dive into creating an editorial calendar for your nonprofit, check out some of the great resources below!

Notes and Links

Caryn Stein on How to Create a Nonprofit Editorial Calendar

Jennifer Gmerek on What’s Wrong with Your Nonprofit’s Editorial Calendar and How To Fix It

Kivi Leroux Miller on Broccoli and Cheese

Quite a few helpful pieces from Kivi Leroux Miller on creating an editorial calendar:

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