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S1 E09: How to Thrive When Your Boss Won’t Listen

Do you ever feel like your boss is the biggest obstacle to getting your work done effectively? This week we hear from a listener whose boss insists on writing long academic text for her nonprofit’s newsletter, in spite of her efforts to show best practices and data that show that less is more in 21st century […]

S1 E08: Getting the Board on Board

This week we hear from a nonprofit who is looking for ways to get their board members more involved with fundraising, advocacy and storytelling. Or perhaps all three! We help connect the dots and get this organization started, by: starting small, making it easy, and celebrating success helping board members see how their efforts are important to […]

S1 E07: Perfectionism

Do you have trouble making decisions? Have you ever been told that your expectations are unrealistic? Do you have trouble receiving criticism, however constructive and well-intentioned it may be? Does your self-confidence sometimes depend on other people’s reactions to what you say and do? Do you dwell on mistakes you’ve made, and replay them in […]

S1 E05: Rescuing an Elephant Seal

A few days ago my kids and I helped to rescue a baby elephant seal who had come up on the shore of a small beach in Santa Cruz, California. I’ve heard it said that we make decisions with our hearts, and then later validate them with data. Hence the importance of nonprofit communicators appealing […]

S1 E03: Time for a New Website?

“Website Blues” works for a nonprofit with a 2-3 year-old website that’s crashing a lot, and wonders how to tell when it’s time to cut losses and get a new one. Sometimes the answer is clear, but very often it’s grey! In this episode we explore whether it’s worth trying to keep the current website a […]

S1 E02: Branding: More Than Just a Pretty Logo

What do you do when leadership tells you to “fix the old logo”, but everyone has different opinions about how it should be instead? Nonprofit branding expert Julia Reich joins us for a conversation about how organizations can define their brand well, and then use it as a guide for keeping their communications efforts (both visual […]

S1 E01: Burnout

Ever feel burned out? Or worry that your audience does? If you work for a nonprofit, you probably care a lot about your work. Unfortunately, it also probably means you know what it is to feel burned out. Here are some strategies for taking care of yourself, as an individual, and also some ways your whole staff […]

S1 E00: About the Yoga of Nonprofit Communications

The Yoga of Nonprofit Communications is a podcast mostly about doing communications work at a nonprofit organization. And it’s a little bit about yoga, too. Yoga literally means “yoking”, “union”. Coming together. In the practice of yoga, we bring together strength, flexibility, balance, and breath to move our body through different physical poses. You might […]