S1 E01: Burnout

Ever feel burned out? Or worry that your audience does?

If you work for a nonprofit, you probably care a lot about your work. Unfortunately, it also probably means you know what it is to feel burned out.

Here are some strategies for taking care of yourself, as an individual, and also some ways your whole staff can help support each other through trying times.

As a communicator, you may also sometimes worry that your audience is feeling burned out on you! In this episode we look at ways you can assess whether there’s truth to that concern, and if so, some strategies for addressing it.


“Burned Out” wrote:

Dear Margaux,

I’m feeling so burned out.

It’s not just me — it’s our whole staff. Like most nonprofits, we punch way above our weight in terms of getting a lot done with a lean team. Our CEO is great though, she encourages us to take care of ourselves, and not to work overtime. Usually if we are still in the office at 6:00 she tells us to leave.

But the thing is, we all care a lot about what we do. Sometimes I’ll leave at 6 like she tells me, but then start working again when I get home. I have an extension in my email that lets me schedule emails to send at a future time & date; I use that so she won’t know I’m working late.

Right now we’re getting ready for our big annual event, which means we’re feeling even more pressure than usual. And since the event is GONNA HAPPEN on a certain date, a lot of the deadlines can’t be moved.

Once I finally tear myself away from the computer at night and go to bed, I can’t sleep. I can’t get my mind off all the things that are still left to do. Eventually I do fall asleep but then I’m right back to work the next day. Even on weekends.

And it’s weird, I’m starting to worry that our audience is feeling burned out, too. Since our annual event is coming up, there’s more communication than usual, and I’m afraid we’re going to end up pushing people away.

Do I just need to buckle down, and plow through until after the event? Or do you have any better ideas?

-Burned Out



Screens at night: http://www.businessinsider.com/why-its-bad-to-use-your-phone-before-bed-2015-7

Audience burnout: http://www.socialtoaster.com/blog-entry/audience-burnout-struggle-real

Awesome printable sudoku generator:

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