S1 E02: Branding: More Than Just a Pretty Logo

What do you do when leadership tells you to “fix the old logo”, but everyone has different opinions about how it should be instead?

Nonprofit branding expert Julia Reich joins us for a conversation about how organizations can define their brand well, and then use it as a guide for keeping their communications efforts (both visual and otherwise) centered and working toward their mission.

Julia and Margaux discuss:

  • how to know if you have a brand problem or just a logo problem;
  • finding your true brand values and personality as an organization;
  • how to avoid arguing about one person’s preference vs another’s; and
  • two success stories!


“Too Many Directions” wrote:

Dear Margaux,

Our current logo looks really dated. Some of our leadership has started talking about rebranding, and my boss has asked me to try to “fix up” the logo we have. I don’t really have graphic design skills but I know how to use Illustrator and Photoshop.

I’ve worked up a couple ideas and shown them to my boss. I don’t love any of them. He likes one, but other people have different opinions. I’ve noticed no two of the leaders seem to have the same style preferences when we talk about other organizations’ websites and logos they like.

So now it kind of feels like we don’t have direction. I’m worried that we will end up wasting a lot of time doing this, and not end up any better off than we started.

Meanwhile, we are also talking about re-doing our website soon. I know there’s a generous budget for that. I’m thinking it would be great if we could take some of that and spend it on doing a proper rebrand (rather than me trying to work on the logo in house).

I’ve heard that “brand” is much more than just the logo and visual part. I want us to be smart about this. What do you think? How can I lead us in a good direction and help us move closer to fulfilling our mission in the grand scheme of things?

-Too Many Directions



Stone Soup Creative website: http://www.stonesoupcreative.com

Free downloadable resources for nonprofits, including Julia’s pre-branding worksheet: http://www.stonesoupcreative.com/nonprofit-resources/

New York Insight Meditation Center logo & case study: http://www.stonesoupcreative.com/portfolio/new-york-insight-meditation-center/

O’Day Studios case study: http://www.stonesoupcreative.com/portfolio/oday-studios/

Contact Julia Reich:

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