S1 E11: Communications Tips from Award-Winning Nonprofits

This week I went to the Best Practices Session of the 2016 Advancement in Management Award. The winner and two runners-up shared so much wisdom, across many aspects of nonprofit management. I’ve assembled the communications-related tips in this special episode. Read more

S1 E02: Branding: More Than Just a Pretty Logo

What do you do when leadership tells you to “fix the old logo”, but everyone has different opinions about how it should be instead?

Nonprofit branding expert Julia Reich joins us for a conversation about how organizations can define their brand well, and then use it as a guide for keeping their communications efforts (both visual and otherwise) centered and working toward their mission.

Julia and Margaux discuss:

  • how to know if you have a brand problem or just a logo problem;
  • finding your true brand values and personality as an organization;
  • how to avoid arguing about one person’s preference vs another’s; and
  • two success stories!

Read more