S1 E18: Wobbling With a New ED

Today we hear from Elizabeth (a.k.a. “Wobbling”), who found her communications team wobbling as a new executive director joined the organization.

Before the leadership transition, they had created a communications plan and editorial calendar, and they had started to see the results they’d hoped for. But now Elizabeth’s boss (the communications director) has become hyper-focused on pleasing the executive director, and seems to have lost sight of the bigger picture.

Me practicing ardha chandrasana, my favorite balancing pose

We talk about:

  • How life is a practice, and everyone wobbles sometimes
  • Trusting in their plan and editorial calendar, and staying rooted in it
  • Sharing the successes of that plan with the new ED, to help build confidence
  • The possibility that the new ED is just as nervous as the communications director (!), and that they’re feeding off of each other
  • Working WITH the communications director to gently steer her back on course, rather than going head-on and making her defensive

Notes and Links

Perfectionism” episode of the Yoga of Nonprofit Communications podcast

S1 E16: When There’s No Emergency, Consult Your Nonprofit’s Editorial Calendar

Many of us nonprofit communicators are great at managing a lot of things under pressure and with many deadlines. But what happens when things are just “normal” and nothing is on fire? Margaux talks about:

  • getting ahead on anything you know you will need to write
  • what editorial calendars are
  • how they can help nonprofits
  • choosing a location and format that will work for your whole team
  • some larger-picture things to consider when creating one or updating the one your nonprofit already has

This episode is more of a pep-talk than a how-to. If you’re ready to dive into creating an editorial calendar for your nonprofit, check out some of the great resources below!

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