S1 E06: When Colleagues Don’t Respect Deadlines

Your colleagues don’t respect deadlines, which in turn makes you miss yours, and then you have to deal with the repercussions. It happens repeatedly, and you’re in an ugly pattern of negativity. Yuck. How do you break the cycle?

This week we go upside-down (literally) to jump-start our thinking! Read more

S1 E01: Burnout

Ever feel burned out? Or worry that your audience does?

If you work for a nonprofit, you probably care a lot about your work. Unfortunately, it also probably means you know what it is to feel burned out.

Here are some strategies for taking care of yourself, as an individual, and also some ways your whole staff can help support each other through trying times.

As a communicator, you may also sometimes worry that your audience is feeling burned out on you! In this episode we look at ways you can assess whether there’s truth to that concern, and if so, some strategies for addressing it.

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