S1 E10: Easy, Low-Tech Ways to Keep Your Nonprofit Safer Online

This week we talk with two special guests – Patrick Lucey and Jordan McCarthy, co-founders of Secured Advisors – and learn some easy, low-tech ways that nonprofits can stay safer online.

My favorite highlights:

  • Using passphrases (not just passwords), with intentional misspellings so they can’t be guessed, is a great opportunity to work some positive affirmations into your day! 🙂
  • Tips for the ever-present problem of how to share passwords within your organization (because sometimes you need to go on vacation and have someone else run the organizational Twitter account for a little while!).
  • Balancing the easier-but-less-secure (which may be appealing in the short run) option versus the more-secure-but-harder-to-use (perhaps better in the long run).
  • Online security is more about people and how they behave, than it is about technology.

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