S1 E14: When Bad Stuff Happens

Love is greater than fear! Bumper sticker on my neighbors' car.

Love is greater than fear! Bumper sticker on my neighbors’ car.

When bad stuff happens in the world around us — either as a result of natural causes or human actions — nonprofit communicators are faced with a decision about how to respond.

Clearly, nonprofits are often among the first responders, providing humanitarian aid or emergency shelter, or advocating on behalf of the victims.

But what about the many nonprofits who are working in an intersecting or maybe even unrelated space, but still want to help?

This episode explores some of the ways these nonprofits might respond to a tragedy, and aims to help you evaluation the situation and decide what makes the most sense for your organization.

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S1 E00: About the Yoga of Nonprofit Communications

The Yoga of Nonprofit Communications is a podcast mostly about doing communications work at a nonprofit organization. And it’s a little bit about yoga, too.

Yoga literally means “yoking”, “union”. Coming together.

In the practice of yoga, we bring together strength, flexibility, balance, and breath to move our body through different physical poses.

You might be wondering “what does yoga have to do with nonprofit communications?”

Well — more than you might think:
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