S1 E16: When There’s No Emergency, Consult Your Nonprofit’s Editorial Calendar

Many of us nonprofit communicators are great at managing a lot of things under pressure and with many deadlines. But what happens when things are just “normal” and nothing is on fire? Margaux talks about:

  • getting ahead on anything you know you will need to write
  • what editorial calendars are
  • how they can help nonprofits
  • choosing a location and format that will work for your whole team
  • some larger-picture things to consider when creating one or updating the one your nonprofit already has

This episode is more of a pep-talk than a how-to. If you’re ready to dive into creating an editorial calendar for your nonprofit, check out some of the great resources below!

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S1 E13: Help! Email is Taking Over my Life!

This week we hear from Tim, who recognizes he’s having trouble moving his nonprofit’s mission and priorities forward because he’s spending so much time just managing his email inbox.

While I’m sure many of us would like to, we can’t do away with email. It’s a critical communication tool, both internally and externally. In this episode of the Yoga of Nonprofit Communications, we explore ways to live with email AND move our missions and priorities forward.

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