S1 E12: How to Focus Your Nonprofit’s Communications Efforts to Maximize Results

This week we hear from a listener who is already maxed out in managing all the communications for a nonprofit, but looking for ways to “work smarter,” essentially – to better understand what’s working, and do more of it, to help the organization increase its online presence, and recruit more volunteers and donors.

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S1 E10: Easy, Low-Tech Ways to Keep Your Nonprofit Safer Online

This week we talk with two special guests – Patrick Lucey and Jordan McCarthy, co-founders of Secured Advisors – and learn some easy, low-tech ways that nonprofits can stay safer online.

My favorite highlights:

  • Using passphrases (not just passwords), with intentional misspellings so they can’t be guessed, is a great opportunity to work some positive affirmations into your day! 🙂
  • Tips for the ever-present problem of how to share passwords within your organization (because sometimes you need to go on vacation and have someone else run the organizational Twitter account for a little while!).
  • Balancing the easier-but-less-secure (which may be appealing in the short run) option versus the more-secure-but-harder-to-use (perhaps better in the long run).
  • Online security is more about people and how they behave, than it is about technology.

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S1 E08: Getting the Board on Board

This week we hear from a nonprofit who is looking for ways to get their board members more involved with fundraising, advocacy and storytelling. Or perhaps all three! We help connect the dots and get this organization started, by:

  • starting small, making it easy, and celebrating success
  • helping board members see how their efforts are important to the mission
  • helping them tell their own story, or find another inspiring story to tell
  • clarifying the top two points that they should be telling people about the nonprofit
  • supporting their efforts, whether online or in person.

S1 E03: Time for a New Website?

Is it time for a new website?“Website Blues” works for a nonprofit with a 2-3 year-old website that’s crashing a lot, and wonders how to tell when it’s time to cut losses and get a new one.

Sometimes the answer is clear, but very often it’s grey! In this episode we explore whether it’s worth trying to keep the current website a while longer, or start investing in a new one.

We look at the situation through the lens of swadhyaya — a principle of yoga which teaches us to take time for self-study, and to observe without judgment — plus a reminder to look at the organization’s mission and compare it with the website’s intended function.

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